Wednesday, 30 March 2011

My Name Is Skrillex free download, track 3 and 4 are ok. its free.


 more customs in the ONE WHEEL MOTION T SHIRTS section next to home
                                                  you snooze you lose.


I'm off to get them custom shirts for the lucky few that ordered them.
i'll stick some photos up when i get back from the lab.
its time the get the One Wheel Shield T-shirt up and running me thinks.
don't forget to give me your idea's for colour combo's and sizes etc, don't say i didn't ask.


Thursday, 24 March 2011

Good stuff coming from ATL.

Pull it up Pull it up brap brap.

Timex Expedition ws4

I got one of these watches a few months ago i've done the hole G-shock thing years ago and wanted something different and found this. its a little bit on the big side for riding but you can get away with it.
The functions 
Altimeter, this will tell you how hi you can bunny hop.
Barometer, lets you know how much psi your running.
Weather forecast, lets you know the weather at the spot.
Current temp, gives you the current temperature.
Timer, you can see how many spins you can do in a minute or more.
Alarm, lets you know when its time to ride.
Indiglo, this is so you can ride in the dark and look pimp doing it.

ps it also gives you the time.

Last few t-shirts, get One for your loved One. £10 each if your signed up to the blog.

3 white (L)
3 stealth (M)