Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Awesome Kid

Rad Rides The Best BMX Bikes of All Time.

Rad Rides is the most in-depth exploration of the world of BMX bikes through their riders and the culture that surrounds them. The introduction explains and contextualizes the birth of BMX culture and where it is now, while the main body features bikes ranging from those that are well-worn through years of riding to beautiful, sculptural works of art – gleaming, built-but-never-ridden keepsakes.

BMX bikes are iconic. There’s something about them that appeals to kids, adults and cyclists. And, of course, BMX is now an Olympic sport.

The featured bikes are organized decade by decade and are BMXs drawn from the best collections in the world. There are also in-depth details of specifications and interviews with some of the collectors, many of whom have had their bikes exclusively shot for the book. This is the indispensable companion for anyone who loves the BMX.

London-based design studio Intercity was founded in 2004. The company has produced work for a wide variety of clients including Uniqlo, Bush Records, Carhartt and Creative Review.

Gavin Lucas is Senior Writer at the leading monthly communication arts journal Creative Review.

Stuart Robinson is a BMX owner and competitor.

Bike Night - 7 September

Bike fans! A heads up for our event Bike Night on 7 September. The programme is coming together, BMX flatlanders Jason Forde and Matti Hemmings outside the museum last Friday. Film coming soon. Follow Bike Night updates every Wednesday on twitter @designmuseum #bikewednesday

£1.2m Fahrradi Farfall FFX is world's most expensive bicycle

It may look like a 250mph Ferrari supercar but this sleek vehicle is actually the world's most expensive bicycle.

The Fahrradi Farfall FFX has been designed to look like the supercar of the future, stealing its styling cues from the £1 million track-only Ferrari FXX. But instead of using a V12 engine and the latest Formula One technology, the Fahrradi relies on calfpower rather than horsepower.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

COB - 2012

We received some details on the Circle of Balance 2012.

Format: There will be 16 riders this year (invitation only) and the format will be head-to-head knock-out style.
The event will have some new and developed format with fresh elements so you can look forward to that...

Prize Money (in $US):
1st: $5000
2nd: $3000
3rd: $2000
4th: $1000

If a rider loses in the first round: $500

If they make it to the second round: $750

Total prize purse: $18,000

from global-flat.

Socal Posse Up Flatland + Bonus Video

How many tailwhips can you count?

ronny and co

Tuesday, 24 April 2012