Saturday, 31 March 2012

Friday, 30 March 2012

BF 2012 OPEN 1 AND 2

FLATLAND DEMO METRO KOKO Y CLIFF- skip to 1:50 for flat and check out the bikes.


Oliver Kallai - Unknown?! DVD Part

Xscape Milton Keynes Fashion Flash Mob. lol

We created a flash mob fashion featuring some of the UK's best BMX and breakdance talent. The event showcased the spring summer collections of our retailers, including DC, O'Neill, Quiksilver, Roxy, Ark, Trespass, Elis Bringham and Extreme Central. Apearing in Xscape at random points across the weekend to wow'd shoppers. The show featured the talents of UK flatland champion Keelan Phillips, James Whyte (lol) members of got to dance semi-finalists QMX and some of the best b-boys and poppers we could find. Fashion is a way of life at Xscape.

Freestyle Brothers Show

Bike-Store Bmx Flatland with Luca Contoli BMX Thessaloniki

Aris Evdos interview with Alex Alexandrides and other top level bmx Hellenic riders from Thessaloniki

Shonan Bicycle Festival 2012 – Open Class

Sunday, 25 March 2012


Compilation of some of the best moments of flatland bmx 2011-2012 Riders: 1.Taiko Kaneta 2.Viki Gómez 3.Adam Kun Music: 65daysofstatic - Radio protector

Saturday, 17 March 2012

The China Experience - Part One

I visited China with very few contacts and a sense for adventure. I ended up meeting Jean William (aka DUB), Jason Plourde (aka BESERKER) and Pascal (taking care of his Sausage since birth) in Shenzhen. Dub and Pascal were about to travel to Shanghai for a round of the CX games and I joined them for the epic adventure. Velvet Couch are about to revisit China in 2012, so stay tuned... DJ endo on the cuts, enjoy.


Mercs Media presents Art Thomason flatland video - episode 1

Flatland Mendoza - Argentina

some cool switches in this edit.

Friday, 16 March 2012



- W I N T E R J A M M M X I I - from BRE∆K YOUR NOSE on Vimeo.

New Toyota Aygo Advert 2012

PIR Okkult Bar

I wanted a custom Bar so I asked Malo from PIR Products to make me one! The hole process was very satisfying and fast! I'm realy happy about the Bar! So here to thank Malo for the great work some Product Placement! Video filmed with the panasonic NV-GS320 & fisheye! Track is Barbara - Göttingen! Supported by Big Lebowski. Representing 1Champ and HKK BMX Team! Okkult Bar Rise : 240mm Width : 700mm BACK SWEEP : 6° UP SWEEP : 6° Offset : 45mm Weigth : 825g "I already spend most of my life behind bars!" Paul Osika

A-Style Jam #1-3

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Friday, 2 March 2012


Tony Hoffmann - Flatland 2012 (HD 720p)

Tony Hoffmann 2012 Flatland Roque Gonzales - Brasil Music: Bang Gang - It's Alright

I've started to go out riding in the mornings, by 10:00am i realized.


So its been over a year that ive been doing this blog, sometimes i ask to myself why im doing it? Well it started out as a place to advertise some t-shirts i designed and sell and to post some of my edits but now its more of a blog to see whats going on in the world of flatland, the name and t-shirts came way before the blog.
i've also had a wordpress site and the domain ONEWHEELMOTION.COM AND CO.UK for some time now but the mac im using now is well out of date and cant handle the load.

At the time i started my girlfriend and I also had our first child Mia Forde, life kind of took over t-shirt where put on hold, riding was put on hold ish, money was put on hold. Now im settling in on fatherhood its a blast, Mia will be one year old this weekend (how time fly's) and things are going well.

I post in the mornings before i go to work or on my days off when i have Mia in between nappy changes and naps, like now. im up at 6:30 most days so i can post you the best vids first so you don't have to look for them. im not that much into typing so you wont see that much of it here its more of a visual

i've still got about 30 or so blank t-shirts here to print and a new design but no cash( why you ask ) well i had a bit of bad luck when i got a 2nd imac i found online, i had it for a week and it failed big time, £450 down the drain and it cost £350 fix it, i had final pro x and going to make some badboi edits. you live and learn, im trying to repair it myself so its in bits right now.

I guess good things take time, a bit like flatland.

anyway summer is coming and after the winter blues i need to jam and jam like i've never jammed before.


I got to go now i think Mia is waking up lol

jay forde.

Sundet Flatland Evening 2012

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Behind The Scenes With Keelan Phillips

This is just a quick BTS edit we threw together whilst we work on the proper thing. Hopefully will give you a little glimpse into some of the talent this man has. Kindly Jonny Petts came along to film this for us and generally to help out. Beats by Callum Powell AKA KalebTheChef check out his stuff here! Thanks to my old School Saint Ronans for letting us use their amazing ballroom as well! Subscribe for the full thing, which, I can assure you will be far better than this mediocre offering :)

Valentin Flad-Jean Gardelle// Servon


RB Hanglider half cab decade

Outtake footage from the Throwback video, shot by Kip Williamson