Wednesday, 29 February 2012

New turbine cliffhanger style. (Turbine or G-turn? take a look)

I think its a G-turn not a turbine, even better if you ask me. keep it up mate.....

Riding in Prescott, nicely shot flat and street edit.

CREW FLAT-WAY! (part-1)

Monday Edit: BMX In Ghana

Almost a time portal into the eighties where BMX was all about flatland, poses, and showmanship, the striving BMX scene in Ghana, Africa, is completely inspiring as you know that it's an unfiltered, selfless version of what we do everyday. John Andru

Saturday, 25 February 2012


Old footage from 2006 including Jays Birthday Jam Early TGM stuff Jay solo, Riders include Effraim Catlow, Sam Foakes, Jason Forde, Phil Dolan and a link from Vicki's visit.

Austin TX Greg Jam 2012 Flatland, Finished version.

this video was put online too soon...but it's finished now. greg tylosky came all the way from seattle, washington to ride with us. it was a rainy day, but we had a blast at the OG in austin.

Friday, 24 February 2012



NINJA SOURCE 2012.2.24



SBX is the UK and Europe's leading urban entertainment brand. Developed around the best urban sport stars from the world of Basketball, Football, BMX, Skateboard, MCs/Beat Boxing, Free Running, Street Dance and Break Dancing, SBX is a truly unique urban entertainment experience that cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. ?

3x3 Carlos, Ramon , Randy.

Short edit of 3 riding buddies and great friends with very different riding styles. Shot in 3 different spots in the western region of Puerto Rico. Carlos is 41, Ramon is 3 months shy of 40 and the grandpa is Randy with 43 years of age. Music by Andre Burgos (my brother-in-law).

The First China/Hong Kong BMX Exchanges Game Competition 2012. check the moto, nice.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012



Dominik Nekolný and some dude on a pogo stick.

George kikos from Athens Greece

what do you do in an empty room?

i would get some furniture and some proper lighting and rent it out, or turn it into a brothel, each to there own.

Trailer of an amazing Swiss BMX flatland trip in Barcelona

Featuring Swiss flatland riders Oli Müller, Marco Vetterli, Didier Genet, Steven Blatter and American rider Jesse Puente. Plus a little "hi" from japanese rider Yohei 'ucchi' Uchino

Greg Jam

Gregory Tylosky from Seattle Washington came to Austin,Texas for a weekend of riding BMX Flatland. Jim McKay of Flatstyle organized "Greg Jam" that was held on February 18, 2012. This video was filmed by Rad Dad of BMX Freestyler. This is just a small taste of what went down for the day. Be sure to visit for more footage from the jam. Visit for photos and more information about the jam.

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Thomas Loison, Rampworx, Liverpool, Flatland BMX

The lost tapes #5 Bmx flatland London 2006

Old footage from 2006, at various spots, including the first sessions at TGM, also small solo section from Phil Dolan. Also featuring Jason forde and some old faces Ian Young Johann Chann & London Locals.


James White & Steve Bisseker. Flatland BMX, Southbank, London


-eight- bmx flat niigata CM

Chase Gouin, Southbank, London, UK

rennace & ramon new orleans 2011

relentless promo with jimmy and matti

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

keith king and coach



BMX Freestyle Team

2 Fight the Winter Flatland contest (Film)

Haitian Flatland BMX

This is a short video we filmed while on a trip to Haiti with Project 58. These two men perform in the streets for money from tourists. The trip we were a part of was for scouting the Port-au-Prince area in order to plan for future trips where we can support the Haitian people in a sustainable way. It is likely that future trips will provide widows with homes and two goats for sustainability, avoiding just throwing money at those in need and providing them with something more permanent, thus avoiding a dependency on the organization and giving a sense of self dignity like sustainability creates.

Monday, 6 February 2012


RIP KUNST PARTS 1&2 teaser|leftovers


An afternoon Perth Concert Hall flat Jam 2nd January 2012

On the 2nd of January Shaun Jarvis from Perth along with Eiji Kataoka from Japan and Anttoni Jämsä from Sweden hit up the Perth Concert Hall for a few hours of flatland riding. This video is what transpired over the course of an hour.

Pushing 40 and Finding a Little TIme to Still Ride BMX

Eiichiro Watanabe-and co.

Houston Flatland Jam 2012.

Superbowl Sunday session-Sean Fontenot.

Spaceark BMX School