Monday, 4 April 2011


I cant stand the amount of over done showmanship in flatland right now, is it a good thing or a bad thing.
it used to be about how happy you where about doing a link, but i've seen a few riders go way over the top at the end of a link that i've seen a hundred times.
Is there some poontang in the audience that their trying to slam or maybe you get a better score ? i dont get it, maybe its for there sponsor's to show how much energy you still have?

Im gona try it at the next comp or jam, tell me if it looks fake.    NOT

Don't Showmanshit you get me.



  1. or weather you pull it or stack it, shoot a judge in the head and see hat the other judges score ya :)

  2. Good post jay!

    Who are you talking about tho, I cant think haha

  3. perfectly said. fuck the fist pumps and ballbags after every link.

  4. remember the 90s flatland hand signal after someone does a dope link?

  5. its proppa cringe, the thing is you can really tell when its being faked.

    whats next? i know, lets all pencil our tricks so we get full marks guys.

  6. I agree with all your saying jay, but this has been going on for 5-6 years, i hated the fake shit then, everyone else seemed to love it, all thats happened is a couple of heavy hitters out of the contest scene, and now its highlighted, its no different, just more focussed..
    if your stoked, your stoked, but not the fake crap...

  7. i hear you E, but is it something that we just dont need again. i love this sport/art/lifestyle but save that s*** for the theater you might even get a standing ovation if your lucky.

  8. Everyone is different guys personalities etc ,if a rider is stoked on their riding they express it nothing will change that it could be seen as an adrenaline rush or could be seen as a pretentious way of gaining popularity , i mean in the dark ages ( yes i'm that old haha )the 80's it was a circus pure showmanship which was included in your overall score