Saturday, 21 January 2012

Snow Swarm Gresham 2012 - BMX is not a Crime!

What will likely turn out to be the actual "worst day of the year ride" a coalition of protesters turned out to demand access for bicycles in a Gresham Main Skate park. Gresham youth, tired of having their bicycles confiscated, first demonstrated in December. They then enlisted the support of their parents (led by Kate Baker) and Occupy Gresham who in turn coordinated with the PDX Bike Swarm . At the high point of the January 15th, protest there were approximately 35 people making it clear to motorists and passersby along Powell Blvd in downtown Gresham, Oregon, that the Skate Park should be shared with bicycles (legally). Following the protest the group decided to Occupy "Wall Street Pizza". There were met with great food and beverage and another pleasant surprise, a visit by City Employee, Bernard Seeger, director of finance and management . He listened to citizen concerns and planned on relaying the information back to the Mayor of Gresham, Shane Bemis. One possibility the city council might entertain is some sort of designated time sharing of the park. Pro BMX flatland rider, Blake Hicks made an appearance though the weather was too nasty for riding. Also in attendance was Safe Routes to School Technical Director, Robert Ping whose expertise in the subject of child safety especially as related to bicycles useful to the conversation with Mr. Seeger. Video by Dan Kaufman for

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