Thursday, 12 April 2012


Photos: Mizo-jay-Geroge @ the albion.
Words: 1 wheel Jay

One Wheel Motion is essentially a brand, yet it means more to me than that. I have for a long time wanted to be involved in design and fashion and it seemed natural that I combine this with another passion... BMX.
Flatland BMX is a fundamental part of my life, I would be lost without it. Fourteen years ago I picked up a bike and experimented with different tricks, however it was when I met a big group of riders at Cantelowes in Camden that my love for BMX grew big. Riding with other people gave me the motivation and encouragement which has made me the rider I am today. The welcome I received at Cantelowes is something I want to focus on and if I can use this positively in some small way to disperse the exclusivity which sometimes shrouds BMX. Flatland in particular needs a revival, especially in the UK and after a long winter the scene needed a boost. One Wheel Motion is for anyone who has ever picked up a bike and tried a trick. This is my vision and I think the jam reflected that.
The One Wheel Motion Jam took place on Saturday the 7th April at the infamous TGM. The sky looked moody but thankfully the Flatland messiah kept us dry. Proceedings kicked off around 11am with a steady influx of riders. In the end we had 35 plus and the miscellany of riding disciplines was inspiring. Street riders mixed with Flatlanders, shared ideas, found common ground and got back to the roots of BMX.

The old motley crew members of TGM were reunited and the few that couldn't make it were missed. It was refreshing to see some new faces and fantastic to catch up with old friends. Amos Burke made an appearance and it was good to see the man who in my opinion is the UK's first all rounder, cross over is what he is about and it was great to have his support. Mizo made the trip over from Dublin which was much appreciated. He is a rider who always puts in the effort. Sam Folkes was killing it still, it looks like he hasn't had a single day off his bike since the last jam. James Smith showed up fresh from Japan and rode hard. Lee wilson was silky smooth as ever and it was great sharing parenting tips with him. Denes Katona who has now moved to London from Hungary made the most of the Mile by using every inch, primarily crossed up in nose wheelies.

Yinka came back for a visit. He is missed at the Mile and is the sort of rider that is going to keep the scene fresh. He has a good attitude. Most importantly he is adaptable and open to new tricks and ideas. The control Yinka has developed is amazing and for me he is what flatland should be blood and progression.

The jam has given me some focus and motivation to my riding. I sessioned with Alex Hale who is a back wheel killer and an inspiration. I feel I achieved some clarity and now have a strong idea of how i want to progress.
I took the opportunity to show case the new One Wheel Motion T shirts, a collaboration with rider and artist Mark Ward. Mark is an undeniable talent and good friend. The T's were well received and it was awesome to see riders wearing them.

One Wheel Motion has it's obvious meaning but it also stands for a collective. I hope the respect I witnessed at the jam lives on and that we all ride again soon.
Thank you to all the riders who came to the jam.
Special thanks and appreciation go to Mark Ward, Johann Chan, Effraim at Flatmatters, George at Albion Magazine, my girlfriend Penny and our daughter Mia who is a constant source of inspiration.

For information on One Wheel Motion T shirts check this blog.


Peace Out - One Wheel Jay

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